The Company Profile

Bruce Agra Dehy Inc. is part of an integrated system that is dedicated to environmental sustainability, innovations and thinking globally. Each step of the process is dedicated to achieving an excellent performance standard to deliver the best possible product to customers. With its partnerships, Bruce Agra Dehy Inc. follows and practices the Integrated Agricultural Concept. This approach strives to assimilate ecological consciousness with effective agricultural practices and value-adding processing of crops to benefit the locally economy of communities and ultimately globally while maintaining the least environmental impact.

Professor Fulkerson and Dr. Ogilvie in association with Bruce Agra Dehy Inc.’s parent-company Canadian Agra Corp. began researching low heat dehydration technologies for alfalfa in the 1980’s. This research led to the first stages of construction for a plant with the capacity of producing 30,000MT annually by 1991, and by 1993, the full plant with an annual capacity of 190,000MT was completed.

The alfalfa and alfalfa-timothy based cubes produced are for equine and pet feed. The ingredients of the cubes produced at the plant are composed of pure alfalfa, pure timothy, or a mixture of alfalfa and timothy. Each variety also comes in two quality lines; standard and premium select. The standard line is comparable to current competitors’ products while the premium select is a higher grade product. There are also two sizes of cubes, standard and mini.

Ontario’s soil is rich with limestone which produces clean, soft, green, fine-stemmed forage and premium hay. This is why we only use Ontario hay to process into our cubes.


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